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Information for Caregivers

For Caregivers

Children of Parents with a Mental Illness
Support resources, coping strategies and information for children of parents experiencing mental health issues.

The National Alliance for Caregiving
Provides support to family caregivers and the professionals who help them and to increasing public awareness of issues facing family caregivers. Read about the health impact of caring for loved ones

Proxy Parent Foundation
Personal support and care for people with a mental health condition and developmentally disabled individuals and their families.

Additional Resources for Peers & Caregivers

SSI Information for Caregivers
Two resources for families looking for help planning for the future care of a disabled child/adult or wanting to help now but unable to do so due to income/asset limitations of SSI:
An explanation of pooled trusts:
A list of pooled trusts in California:

CalABLE Information
Program which allows individuals on SSI to receive financial assistance without losing their public benefits. Beneficiary must have become disabled prior to the age of 26.

Next of Kin Registry
This service may be useful for notifying family members when a loved one is jailed or hospitalized.

Sacramento County Probate Conservatorships – Superior Court
If one is unable to self-advocate or manage personal responsibilities, see the county website for details on establishing a conservatorship.

LPS Conservatorships
Full medical/psychiatric conservatorship with medication management – renewed annually. Must be hospitalized as gravely disabled and process initiated by a psychiatrist. 

County Fiduciary Services Bureau

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