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The families and members of NAMI Sacramento are here to help! We offer understanding to anyone concerned about mental illnesses and the treatment of mental illness.

Mental illnesses are brain disorders that are biologically based medical problems. Untreated, they can cause severe disturbances in thinking, feeling and relating. This results in substantially diminished capacity for dealing with the ordinary demands of life. Mental illness can affect persons of any age and occur in any family. They are not caused by bad parenting and not evidence of weakness of character.


NAMI Sacramento is a grassroots organization that provides a community of support, education, resources and outreach activities to families, friends and persons with mental illness so as to improve their general welfare, and to reduce the stigma of mental illness.


  • Provide, through regularly scheduled meetings, a means for individuals and family to share experiences, explore solutions, obtain mutual support, and become better informed.
  • Educate NAMI Sacramento members and the community about mental illness.
  • To eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness.
  • Encourage the establishment and improvement of community support programs for persons with mental illness and their loved ones.
  • Encourage the establishment and improvement of treatment facilities and services for persons with mental illness.
  • Maintain a well informed membership, particularly concerning the treatment of, research on, and legislation involving mental illness.
  • Encourage the inclusion and active involvement of family members in the operation of the mental health system at all levels, particularly as it pertains to the treatment and care of family members.
  • Support continuing research on mental illness and promising alternative treatments for mentally ill persons.
  • Solicit and collect funds to support the objectives stated above.
  • Participate as an affiliate with NAMI California, our state organization and NAMI, our national organization.


In our envisioned future, mental illness will no longer limit a person’s fulfillment of their potential. With early pinpoint diagnoses, interventions, targeted treatments and services there is no pervasive disability. Ultimately, we envision a day when prevention or a cure is found.

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