Crisis Resources and Warmlines

Substance Abuse

AlAnon 888-425-2666

Alcoholics Anonymous 916-454-1100

California Smokers Helpline 800-662-8887

Marijuana Anonymous 800-766-6779

Cocaine Anonymous 800-347-8998

Narcotics Anonymous Sacramento 800-600-4673

Mental Health/Personal Wellness

Mental Health Urgent Care Center 916-520-2460

Cornerstone Crisis Residential – Roseville 916-788-8144

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255

National Association of Anorexia & Associated Disorders 874-831-3438

Sacramento County Jail Psychiatric Services 916-874-5222

Sacramento Intensive Stabilization Unit (Emergency, ER Referral needed) 916-732-3637

SAFE Self-Injury 800-366-8288

Suicide Prevention Crisis Line 916-368-3111

TLCS Mental Health Crisis Respite Center (23 hrs only) 916-737-7483

NorCal MHA Consumer Operated Warmline (8 am – 5 pm) 916-366-4668

24 Hour Friendship Line 800-971-0016

NAMI National Information Helpline (7 am – 3 pm) 800-950-6264

Perinatal Depression and Support Line 888-977-6955

Project Return Peer Support Warmline 888-488-9777

Project Return Peer Support Warmline (Spanish) 888-488-4055

Family Members

National Parent Hotline 800-427-2736

National Runaway Hotline 800-621-4000

Well Space 24 Hour Parent Support Line 888-281-3000

Family Resource Center Warmline (Special needs) 916-922-9276

Sexual Abuse/Domestic Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline 866-331-9474

National Rape and Sexual Assault Hotline 800-656-4673

Rape Crisis (WEAVE) 916-920-2952

My Sister’s House (multilingual, domestic violence) 916-428-3271

A Community for Peace (acommunityforpeace.org916-728-5613

Respite, Drop-In & Residential Crisis Centers


Asian Community Center 916-394-6399

Lu-Mein Community Services (Peer-run adult care, support youth & programs) 916-383-3083

Life Ring (faith-neutral recovery program) 800-811-4142

Mental Health/Personal Wellness

Capital Adoptive Families Alliance (camp for complex needs MH) 916-834-3700

NorCal MHA (age 55+) 916-855-5444

Senior Link (El Hogar, 55+) 916-369-7872

Wellness and Recovery Center 916-485-4713

Strategies for Change (AOD treatment [North]) 916-473-5764

Strategies for Change (AOD treatment [South]) 916-395-3552


Family Night Out (Families with children exhibiting mental health conditions) 916-875-4950

Child and Family Institute 916-921-0828

Tahoe Youth and Family Services 800-870-8937

General Health

Abiding Hope Respite House (2 weeks max, support, transportation, food) 916-287-4860

Adult Day Health Care Center (Health for All) 916-441-2811

Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center (Dementia) 916-728-9333

Rancho Cordova Adult Health Care Center 916-369-1113

St. John’s (Women only) 916-453-1482

Turning Point Crisis Residential (Access referral req.) 916-287-4860

Wellsprings Women’s Center Hospitality Center (M-F 7:30 – 11:30 am) 916-454-9688