Below you will find a series of topics which have their own resource pages linked to them. Those resource pages have phone numbers, address, service offerings and access procedures for many of the providers in the city and surrounding counties. We will be updating this content as information becomes available, or rendered obsolete. We hope you are able to find the information you need to advance your mental health recovery journey and do let us know if anything here is out of date, or if there is a resource that should be listed here.

Click the blue text to see the specific resource page listed here.

Emergency Information (Crisis Help)

In case of a critical emergency, please check here first.

Crisis Contacts & Resources (Extensive)

Information which can mitigate an oncoming crisis or provide the initial steps towards sustained care.

Mental/Physical Health Facilities, Hospitals & Clinics

For individuals seeking treatment which mostly takes place at a mutual facility, and guidance services for integration and care.

Community Group, Counseling & Employment Resources

Individuals seeking to establish short or long term therapy with a variety of individual providers and organizations to choose from.

Youth-Specific Resources

For TAY or other minors seeking services that cater to this vulnerable population.

LGBTQ Resources

Services for vulnerable populations, shelters, warmlines and additional information.

Veterans’ Resources

Services specifically for veterans of the military.

Homeless/Low-Income Housing Resources & Referrals

Anything from temporary to eventual permanent housing contacts, providers and navigators.

Legal Aid & Patient Advocacy Resources

For individuals seeking legal advice or counsel in relation to a mental health issue or situation, as well as advocacy for patient’s rights situations.

Information for Caregivers & Wellness Resources

Detailed information for individuals in a care-centered relationship and additional, helpful resources for life-management

The National Alliance on Mental Illness: Service Locations

Other NAMI offices in the surrounding counties and statewide.