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What is the newsletter about?

Image of the front page of the NAMI Sacramento newsletter

The NAMI Sacramento newsletter is published quarterly and contains a wealth of relevant and timely information, including:

  • Our general meeting schedule
  • Local support group information
  • General mental health information
  • Legislative updates
  • Book, video, and multimedia reviews and descriptions
  • Articles on mental health, mental health resources, and mental health practitioners
  • Narrative experiences written by friends and family of those with mental illness
  • Narrative experiences written by consumers
  • Interviews with local members of the mental health community

The NAMI Sacramento newsletter is a primary means for our members to stay connected to one another and the local mental health community.

Current Editions

The newsletter is a benefit for members of NAMI Sacramento. To receive the current newsletter each quarter, join here. You can receive it by email and/or postal mail.

Past Editions

Past additions are available for the current year and the prior calendar year in the Newsletter Archive.

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Past Editions

For past editions, go to the Newsletter Archive.