NAMI Sacramento, Sacramento's Voice on Mental Illness

Our Mission


NAMI Sacramento provides mutual support, resources, advocacy, and education to the families, friends, and persons with mental illness to improve their general welfare and treatment.

The Scope of the Problem

Many millions of American citizens will experience some form of brain disease during their lifetime. These numbers include from one-third to one-half of the homeless population. More hospital beds are occupied by people suffering from brain diseases than are occupied by heart disease, cancer and muscular dystrophy combined. In spite of these facts, mental disorders receive very little government funding toward finding cures. Insurance coverage for these diseases is severely limited compared to other diseases.

Photo of a lonely figure, a representative of the mentally illIn California alone, approximately one in four people will suffer a serious mental disorder in their lifetime; more than six million Californians have a mental disorder in a single year; an estimated 2.5 million (8.8% of the population) live with major depression; at least two-thirds of elderly nursing home residents have a diagnosis of a mental disorder such as major depression; approximately twenty-nine percent of California's jails routinely hold people with mental illnesses without criminal charges; and the Los Angeles County Jail holds more people with mental illnesses than the largest psychiatric hospital in the nation.

Mental illnesses impose a multi-billion dollar burden on the economy each year through lost productivity. Failure to treat people with brain disorders in the short-term has shown in all areas to cost the public more in the long-term, without even considering the cost in human misery.

Our Goals

NAMI-Sacramento is dedicated to providing mutual support, encouragement, advocacy, and education to the families and friends of persons with serious brain disorders, i.e., mental illnesses. The objectives of NAMI-Sacramento are ultimately founded upon the desire to improve the general welfare and treatment of mentally ill persons.

Specifically, NAMI Sacramento aims to:

  • Provide through regularly scheduled meetings a means for the family and friends of mentally ill persons to share experiences, explore solutions, obtain mutual support, and become better informed.
  • Educate NAMI-Sacramento members and the community about mental illness.
    To eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness.
  • Encourage the establishment and improvement of community support programs for persons with mental illness.
  • Encourage the establishment and improvement of treatment facilities and services for persons with mental illness.
  • Maintain a well informed membership, particularly concerning the treatment of, research on, and legislation involving mental illness.
  • Encourage the inclusion and active involvement of family members in the operation of the mental health system at all levels, particularly as it pertains to the treatment and care of family members.
  • Support continuing research on mental illness and promising alternative treatments for mentally ill persons.
  • Solicit and collect funds to support the objectives stated above.
  • Participate as an affiliate in NAMI-California, our state organization and NAMI, our national organization.

NAMI Sacramento cannot be held responsible for the use of the information we provide.
Please always consult a trained mental health professional before making any decision
regarding treatment of yourself or others.